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One day food hygiene and safety courses

RSPH Certificate in Food Safety
Level 1 & 2


Individual or small friendly group courses held in Kingston upon Thames 

 About the RSPH  Course and Certificate

The aim of the food hygiene and safety qualification is to provide basic knowledge of hygiene when handling food to avoid infection and illness.

This Certificate relaces the old Food Hygiene Certificate which should now be updated.

Who needs to have this Certificate?

These courses are designed for anyone who handles food in any type of business.

If you are a caterer, serving staff, cooking food for the elderly or working in community care, looking after children, teaching others to cook or are an individual making homemade foods or cakes etc to sell, then you will need this Certificate.

Feel confident that you are handling, storing, cooking and serving food safely for others to consume.


Level 1 - 3 hrs Tuition - 20 minute exam.
Level 2 - 6 hrs Tuition - 40 minute exam.

The Course Covers

*Identification of different kinds of food poisoning.

*How to prevent contamination and cross-contamination of foods.

*How to store, prepare,cook and serve foods correctly.

*Good working pratices in the kitchen

*Group discussion to help students identify areas in thier own work situation that could be improved.

* Information presented both orally and visually throughout.

Revision after each section ensures all students have fully understood what they have learned before we proceed to the next section.

The Exam

This is a simple where the student is required to tick the correct box to each question.

No written work is required.

The exam papers are set by the Royal Society of Public Health and are returned to them immediately the exam is finished. The Society correct the papers and send out the RSPH Certificates.

English as your second language?

Don't worry - the exam papers are available in most languages. You must state your preferred language for the test paper at the time of booking.

Where is this food hygiene course held?

Individual and small groups are held in Kingston upon Thames, within easy reach of the main train station and local bus routes.

Covid Update. Courses will resume in line with Government guidelines.
For more information and prices please contact Jacqui

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